Who are we ?

I came across a documentary last night while browsing on stumble upon.The film is called I AM by a film director named Tom Shadyac who we are very familiar with from the films Ace Ventura , Nutty Professor and Bruce Almighty.Shadyac was in a bad bicycle accident that left him incapacitated,  however he did recover! Since he recovered he decided to go on a quest not only sharing his experience but he hoped to find a way to for us as humans to improve whats wrong with the world today.


Shadyac traveled around the world and interviewed journalist,scientist,spiritual leaders like David Suzuki, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lynne McTaggart, Ray Anderson, John Francis, Coleman Barks, and Marc Ian Barasch.Shadyac was very specific about what he wanted to know in this documentary. He wanted to know the cause of the world’s global problems.He stated,  “I didn’t want to hear the usual answers, like war, hunger, poverty, the environmental crisis, or even greed,” he explains.  “These are not the problems, they are the symptoms of a larger endemic problem.  In I AM, I wanted to talk about the root cause of the ills of the world, because if there is a common cause, and we can talk about it, air it out in a public forum, then we have a chance to solve it.”

During his search of finding out whats wrong with the world ,”he learned that the heart, not the brain, may be man’s primary organ of intelligence, and that human consciousness and emotions can actually affect the physical world.As Shadyac’s own story illustrates, money is not a pathway to happiness.  In fact, he even learns that in some native cultures, gross materialism is equated with insanity.”

We live in a world where we have been taught that we must compete with one another to move up in society.Having material possessions are important but according to this film cooperation is the most fundamental principle.He showed examples from insects to animals how they move as a group , cooperation is the way they make decisions. In the film it shows how humans function better when they are spreading positive energy instead of negativity.


“Charles Darwin may be best known for popularizing the notion that nature is red in tooth and claw, but, as Shadyac points out, he used the word love 95 times in The Descent of Man, while his most famous phrase,survival of the fittest, appears only twice.”


Shadyac states ,“It was a revelation to me that for tens of thousands of years, indigenous cultures taught a very different story about our inherent goodness.Now, following this ancient wisdom, science is discovering a plethora of evidence about our hardwiring for connection and compassion, from the Vagus Nerve which releases oxytocin at simply witnessing a compassionate act, to the Mirror Neuron which causes us to literally feel another person’s pain.  Darwin himself, who was misunderstood to believe exclusively in our competitiveness, actually noted that humankind’s real power comes in their ability to perform complex tasks together, to sympathize and cooperate.”

I understand that Shadyac doesn’t find the answers to all of his questions which is kind of disappointing but this documentary is very interesting to me and I just had to write about it.

The reason why I decided to share this documentary with you all is because I feel like in our society especially this generation we have truthfully forget about compassion and love.We live in a world where there is so much greed,hatred,and competion.Helping one another has become an issue.The media is filled with irrelevant information like celebrity gossip.People are no longer genuine I myself walk past homeless people and assume they are lying.Social networkers are the best way for people to compete with one another, judge ,and spread negative energy.Everyone is looking for the easy way out –working hard is just too hard.Women today are really stripping more than  ever like I just said  taking the easy way out.Strippers are most definitely glorified today.I mean I get it..you want Louboutins and a Chanel bag we all do.Why is it that today we are okay with degrading ourselves just to own that shoe, bag , and dress? You have it and now what.Is money really the key to happiness? Many people that are rich with money aren’t happy, most are miserable.No job is easy from being a janitor to being a CEO of a big company.


I hope that some of you guys are able to watch this documentary and get inspired to do better or just from this post.I hope that we can put our selfishness aside and learn to love another.I’m still a working process myself.But lets try not to be that consumer based society we have been taught to be.Lets try to be more compassionate towards people,cultures,and things we aren’t familiar with.Lets try our best to do better as a society not for us but for the generations to come.





The jist of it all.

So heres the thing on my birth certificate my name is Sharon Camacho

but my parents — Dominican natives the awesome Luisa and Fernando Camacho mean’t to name me “Charon” pronounced ( cha*ron )  so  between my parents little English and the nurse my name ended up as Sharon.

Growing up I was really embarrassed of people calling me Charon/Charo so I just stuck with Sharon.

However now in 2012 I’ve come to embrace my culture and name.

So you guys can call me Charo.I was born in the Providence Hospital in Washington DC don’t ask me why. I lived in Maryland all my life.My parents are originally from the Dominican Republic my mother is half Antiguan (don’t know anything about that side but I’m looking forward to do my research).Yes, Spanish was my first language.OMGfacts.I have two amazing sisters and I happen to be the middle child lol.Most of you may be familiar with my older sister Cherie Camacho. She is a New York City chick the ultimate go getter and hardest worker I know.And then we have Shantal Camacho she is just a cute chinky eyed 16 year old who takes too many pictures on instagram but we still love her.

I graduated from the slums of High Point High School in 2009 :O.DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA I’m glad I grew up and out of that stage and glad those four years are over.

Later ended up at Trinity University the all girl Catholic school in DC and it was an interesting experience I learned about Feminism and thats when I decided I’m a feminist.Being at trinity for those two years I learned so much about myself, my surroundings,and life.I decided my sophomore year that I needed something different..So I decided to transfer !!

I originally wanted to go to Hartford University in CT but it was just too expensive so I ended up at Barry University in Miami FL.

So……..now I’m in Miami not graduating on time but whatever.

I decided to make a blog  following my journey in Miami —the good,bad,and the ugly

I am a Criminology major however I love art and fashion so I thought that opening up a blog to share my experiences here would be perfect.I have a tumblr , twitter, Facebook ,and Instagram but I needed something different.

I will be sharing different information on this blog from music , history, politics , to  charity events.My blog is not limited and NO I am not trying to compete with the next blogger but this is going to be my outlet.

I am currently going through the evolution of to a mariposa [ butterfly] because I believe at this very moment in my life I am evolving into a woman.

Buckle up and enjoy this ride.